We bicycled the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in August and September of 2007. The route follows the Continental Divide north to south covering about 2,500 miles of mostly dirt and gravel roads, with some single-track and paved roads thrown in.A flat section between climbs on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The Great Divide is sometimes rugged and tough and other times the dirt roads feel smoother than pavement. There are huge passes to climb and sweet little mountain towns to enjoy. In total, the Great Divide has over 200,000 feet of elevation gain, with good solid climbs to experience in each state.

There will be headwinds and side-winds to challenge your mental strength, and tailwinds to sail you into biking ecstasy. Hot days and cold nights will bring your body in tune with daily rhythms. Somehow you will adjust to all the extremes, and the challenges will only make the easy times seem even more heavenly.

To get the feel of riding the Great Divide day by day, read the Great Divide Blog Stories written by Michelle. A note on the Blog: as with any blog, newer entries are at the top of each page or category. If you want less to scroll through, find quick-links to daily entries on the Daily Mileage page.


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